Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Round 3 Result For "TVB Stars Of The Month" is OUT here NOW!!!!

Yes, the result is OUT now!!!!

Now left 2 male and 2 female fight it....for "TVB Stars Of The Month August". For this round here we will have a special format, you can still vote it here but we will "Hide" the results, means you wont be knowing the results.

So you don't know whether your favourite is leading or losing or what....
But since i like being a kind soul =p, i will still be letting your views the results for 1 date(read below for details.)

Poll Will be closed on: 31 August 2008.
Results Will be put up on: 01 September 2008.
We will show all results after that on: 01 September 2008.

You only have 1 slots.
Here! Look Carefully and remember the timing for viewing of results.

Friday(29 August 2008), (Results will be able to be view from 6pm till 12am).

Yes, you can see the results fully for these 1 days only.


Let's see who is OUT after the Round 3 here now ok......

Male which is OUT is as follow:

Bosco Wong(黄宗泽).
Ron Ng(吴卓羲).

Female which is OUT is as follow:

Bernice Liu(廖碧兒).
Linda Chung(钟嘉欣).

Final Round of voting start now....

From now until - 31 August 2008: Final Round, One male and One female artistes would be selected to be the "TVB Stars Of The Month August" here now ok....

Poll(s) is now added, you can start voting now, multi voting is allow now.
Final Round Poll Closed On: 31 August 2008, after that 1 male and 1 female will be selected to be the "TVB Stars Of The Month August" here now ok.

*Multi Voting is allow here also.
*WINNER for the "TVB Stars Of The Month" Photo would be put up at the sidebar for 1 month.

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