Saturday, August 16, 2008

Round 1 Result For "TVB Stars Of The Month" is OUT here NOW!!!!

Yes, the result is OUT now!!!!

Now left 7 male and 7 female fight it....for "TVB Stars Of The Month August". For this round you all will not have anymore chance to vote more then once here now....Each people will only allow to vote once here only ok....haha!!!!

Let's see who is OUT after the Round 1 here now ok......

Male which is OUT is as follow:

Kevin Cheng(郑嘉颖).
Joe Ma(马德钟).
Michael Miu(苗僑偉).

Female which is OUT is as follow:

Gigi Lai(黎姿).
Sonija Kwok(郭羨妮).
Fala Chen(陈法拉).

Round 2 of voting start now....

From now until - 20 August 2008: Round Two of voting then we will eliminate 3 male and 3 female artistes here again....
20 August 2008 - 25 August 2008: Round Three of voting then we will eliminate 2 male and 2 female artistes here only....
25 August 2008 - 31 August 2008: Final Round, One male and One female artistes would be selected to be the "TVB Stars Of The Month August" here now ok....

Poll(s) is now added, you can start voting now, multi voting is not allow now.
Second Poll Closed On: 20 August 2008, after that 3 male and 3 female will be OUT.

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