Thursday, September 25, 2008

Round 2(Revival Round) Result For "TVB Stars Of The Month" is OUT here NOW!!!!

Yes, the result is OUT now!!!!

Now we are in Final Round 4 male and 4 female fight it....for "TVB Stars Of The Month September". For this round you all will have the chance to vote more then once here now....Each people are allow to vote more then once here now ok....haha!!!!

Let's see who is the WINNER after the Round 2(Revival Round) here now ok......

Male WINNER is as follow:

Moses Chan(陈豪) - Round 2(Revival Round) = WINNER
Ron Ng(吴卓羲) - Round 2(Revival Round) = RUNNER-UP

Female WINNER is as follow:

Jessica Hsuan(宣萱) - Round 2(Revival Round) = WINNER
Bernice Liu(廖碧兒) - Round 2(Revival Round) = RUNNER-UP

There will join with the Round 1 WINNER and RUNNER-UP for this week Final Round here now ok....

So for the Male is as follow:

Kevin Cheng(郑嘉颖).
Moses Chan(陈豪).
Raymond Lam(林峰).
Ron Ng(吴卓羲).

Female is as follow:

Bernice Liu(廖碧兒).
Charmaine Sheh(佘詩曼).
Jessica Hsuan(宣萱).
Tavia Yeung(杨怡).

Final Round of voting start now....

From now until - 30 September 2008: Final Round of voting we will have 4 male and 4 female actress here to fight for the WINNER and be the "TVB Stars Of The Month" here now ok....

Rules for the competition are as follow:

Round 1: We will not have "Multi Voting" here....mean u all are not allow to vote more then once here now....
Round 2(Revival Round): You all are allow to vote more then once here lah....mean it's a "Multi Voting" here in this stage ok....
Final Round: You all are allow to vote more then once here it's "Multi Voting" but will not be allow to see the result here....mean we will "Hide" the resuls here in this Final Round here ok....haha!!!!

*Multi Voting is allow here now*

(Note: WINNER for the "TVB Stars Of The Month" Photo would be put up at the sidebar for 1 month.)

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