Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"TVB Drama Series Of The Month" Competition....Is comingback here again NOW!!!!

Hi....Here comes the NEW polls competition for "TVB Drama Series Of The Month" here now!!!! Please read below for the New Format of all the voting competition....

New format for "TVB Drama Series Of The Month" is as follow:

First, all the "15 TVB Drama Series Of The Month" for the year 2010 will be in the polls for you all to vote here.....

Second, we will eliminate 5 "TVB Drama Series Of The Month" here each week untill the end of the day. We will have 5 "TVB Drama Series Of The Month" in the Final Stage here to fight for "TVB Drama Series Of The Month" ok!!!!

So now let's see the nomination list for the "TVB Drama Series Of The Month" here:

Top 15 TVB Drama Series is as follow:

A Fistful of Stances(鐵馬尋橋).
A Pillow Case of Mystery II(施公奇案II).
Beauty Knows No Pain(女人最痛).
Can't Buy Me Love(公主嫁到).
Fly with Me(飛女正傳).
Ghost Writer(蒲松齡).
Growing Through Life(摘星之旅).
In the Eye of the Beholder(秋香怒點唐伯虎).
My Better Half(老公萬歲).
Sisters of Pearl(掌上明珠).
Suspects in Love(搜下留情).
The Comeback Clan(翻叮一族).
The Mysteries of Love(談情說案).
The Season of Fate(五味人生).
When Lanes Merge(情越雙白線).

No Changes here for all the Top15 Drama Series.

Rules for the competition are as follow:

1) Each week we will eliminate 5 TVB Drama Series from here.

2) "Multi Voting" is allowed here now and you all are allow to have the "Choice Voting" to choose more then once here to vote here now also ok.

3) Final Stage you will no be allowed to have "Multi Voting" and "Choice Voting" and we will also "Hide" the result here.

4) No Revival Round is allowed here now!!!!!

The polls is setup now at the sidebar above the "TVB Stars Of The Month" voting poll there now go vote it now!!!!

*Multi Voting and Choice Voting is allowed here for the time being*

(Note: WINNER for the "TVB Drama Series" photo would be put up at the sidebar for 1 month

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