Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Final Result For "TVB Drama Series Of The Month" is OUT here NOW!!!!

March Winner: The Rippling Blossom(魚躍在花見).


To all TVB fans here, So here is the results for "TVB Drama Series Of The Month" that you all have vote it here for the hole "Month Of March":

Here are the vote percentage and results for the Drama Series:

WINNER: The Rippling Blossom(魚躍在花見) 44.44% (24 votes).

2nd: Gun Metal Grey(刑警) 18.52% (10 votes).

3th: Twilight Investigation(囧探查過界) 18.52% (10 votes).

4th: Links to Temptation (誘情轉駁) 9.26% (5 votes).

5th: 7 Days in Life(隔離七日情) 9.26% (5 votes).

Total Votes: 54.

You can also check the results at our "Polls Archived" there now ok.

We would like to thanks everyone participation in by sending vote, by voting on the poll and your support on our blog here....without you, this won't be a success.

So now we will setup The Rippling Blossom(魚躍在花見) photo at the sidebar there now ok!!!!

(Note: Remember to comeback and vote for "TVB Drama Series Of The Month" here again on 12 April 2011 here now ok!!!!)

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